Whiplash1972 CD Collection

D'Priest - Playa Del Rock
D.A.D - No Fuel Left For the Pilgrims
D.A.D - Riskin' It All
D.A.D - Twenty Five Years of D.A.D ~ The Overmuch Box
D.A.D - Dic.Nii.Lan.Daft.Erd.Ark
D.A.D - 30 Years 30 Hits
D.A.D - A Prayer For the Loud
Dagger - Not Afraid of the Night
Dallas - S/T
Dallas, John - Wild Life
Dalton - Injection
Dalton - The Race is On
Dalton - Pit Stop
Damn Cheetah - Primal
Damn Freaks - S/T
Damned Nation - Grand Design
Damned Nation - Just What the Doctor Ordered
Damned Nation - Road of Desire
Damned Nation - Sign of Madness
Damn Truth, The - Now or Nowhere
Damn Yankees - S/T
Damn Yankees - Combined Forces (Live Bootleg)
Damn Yankees - Don't Tread
Damn Yankees - High Enough and Other Hits
Damn Yankees - Extended Versions
Damon, Jesse - The Hand That Rocks
Damon, Jesse - Nothin' Else Matters
Damon, Jesse - Rebel Within
Damon Johnson & the Get Ready - Battle Lessons
Danger Danger - S/T
Danger Danger - Down and Dirty Live!
Danger Danger - Screw It!
Danger Danger - Dawn
Danger Danger - Four the Hard Way
Danger Danger - Return of the Great Gildersleeves
Danger Danger - Cockroach
Danger Danger - Rare Cuts
Danger Danger - Live and Nude
Danger Danger - Revolve
Danger Danger - Demos & Rarities (1987-91) (Bootleg)
Danger Kitty - Love Rocket
Dangerous Age - Troubled Times
Dangerous Toys - S/T
Dangerous Toys - Hellacious Acres
Dangerous Toys - Pissed
Dangerous Toys - The Rtist 4merly Known As Dangerous Toys
Dangerous Toys - Greatest Hits Live
Dangerous Toys - The Ultimate Dangerous Toys
Dan Reed Network - S/T
Dan Reed Network - Slam
Dante Fox - The Roots of Great White 1978-1982
Dan Wos Project - Voodoo Man
Danzi, Danny - Somewhere Lost in Time
Danzi, Danny - Danziland
Danzi, Danny - Tribulations
Dare - Out of the Silence
Dare - Blood From Stone
Dare - Out of the Silence II
Dare Force - Firepower
Dare Force - Makin' Our Own Rules
Dare Force - Callin' Your Name
Darkh - A Story Yet Untold
Dark Heart - S/T
Dark Illusion - For Just Another Night
Dark Illusion - Beyond the Shadows
Dark Illusion - Where the Eagles Fly
Darkness, The - Permission to Land
Darkness, The - One Way Ticket To Hell ...And Back
Darkness, The - Hot Cakes
Darkness, The - Last of Our Kind
Darkness, The - Pinewood Smile
Darkness, The - Live At Hammersmith
Darkness, The - Easter is Cancelled
Darkness, The - Motorheart
Darkness, The - Permission to Land...Again
Dark Sky - Believe It
Dark Sky - Edge of Time
Dark Sky - Living and Dying
Dark Sky - Empty Faces
Dark Sky - Initium
Dark Sky - Once
Dark Sky - Signs of the Time
Darren Smith Band - Keep the Spirit Alive
Darrid, Brad - S/T
Daughtry - S/T
Daughtry - Leave This Town
Daughtry - Break the Spell
Daughtry - Baptized
Daughtry - It's Not Over... The Hits So Far
Daughtry - Cage to Rattle
Daughtry - Dearly Beloved
Dave Evans and Nitzinger - Revenge
Dave Friday Band - Actions That Have Consequences
David Carl Band - Can't Slow Down
Da Vinci - S/T
Da Vinci - Back in Business
Da Vinci - Ambition Rocks
Davis, Paul - Super Hits
Daylight Robbery - Cross Your Heart
Daylight Robbery - Falling Back to Earth
Daylight Robbery - The Enemy Within
Day One - One Look
Days of Rage - S/T
Daytona - The Best Of
DC4 - Mood Swings
DC4 - Volume 1
DC4 - Explode
DC4 - Electric Ministry
DC Drive - S/T
DC Legend - Runnin' From Time
Dead Bang - Dancin' on the Edge
Dead City Psychos - Babylon
Dead Daisies, The - S/T
Dead Daisies, The - Face I Love
Dead Daisies, The - Revolucion
Dead Daisies, The - Make Some Noise
Dead Daisies, The - Live & Louder
Dead Daisies, The - Burn it Down
Dead Daisies, The - Locked and Loaded
Dead Daisies, The - Holy Ground
Dead Daisies, The - Radiance
Dead Daisies, The - Best Of
Dead End Kids - You Don't Like It... We Don't Care!
Deadline - S/T
Deadlock - A Journey Into the Unknown
Deadthings, The - Hell Sleazes Over
Deadthings, The - Who Killed Holly Would?
Deadthings, The - Dead Over Heels
Deaf Dumb & Blonde - L.A. Days
Dealer - Lost Demo Tape
De Allen - Twisted Inside
Dean, Joanna - Misbehavin'
De-Arrow - S/T
Death & Taxes - Substance Overload
Decarlo - Lightning Strikes Twice
DeCarlo, Tommy - Dancing in the Moonlight
Decoy Paris - S/T
Dedkor - S/T
Deeds - Blown
Dee, Franky - I Like to Rock
Dee, Franky - If I Had a Fortune
Deep 6 - S/T
Deep Purple - Shades of Deep Purple
Deep Purple - S/T
Deep Purple - The Book of Taliesyn
Deep Purple - In Rock
Deep Purple - Fireball
Deep Purple - Machine Head
Deep Purple - Made in Japan
Deep Purple - Who Do We Think We Are
Deep Purple - Burn
Deep Purple - Stormbringer
Deep Purple - Come Taste the Band
Deep Purple - When We Rock, We Rock...
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
Deep Purple - House of Blue Light
Deep Purple - Nobody's Perfect
Deep Purple - Slaves and Masters
Deep Purple - Knocking At Your Back Door ~ The Best of Deep Purple in the 80s
Deep Purple - The Battle Rages On...
Deep Purple - King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Deep Purple In Concert
Deep Purple - Purpendicular
Deep Purple - Come Hell or High Water
Deep Purple - Abandon
Deep Purple - Bananas
Deep Purple - Rapture of the Deep
Deep Purple - Now What?!
Deep Purple - Infinite
Deep Purple - Whoosh!
Deep Purple - Turning to Crime
Dee Snider's SMFs - Live / Twisted Forever
Default - Re-Cuts
Defcon - S/T
Defcon - Demos
Defecto - Excluded
Defiants, The - S/T
Defiants, The - Zokusho
Defiants, The - Drive
Def Leppard - On Through the Night
Def Leppard - High 'n' Dry
Def Leppard - Pyromania
Def Leppard - Hysteria
Def Leppard - Adrenalize
Def Leppard - In The Clubs...In Your Face
Def Leppard - Vault
Def Leppard - Retro Active
Def Leppard - Slang
Def Leppard - Euphoria
Def Leppard - X
Def Leppard - Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection
Def Leppard - Yeah!
Def Leppard - Yeah! Bonus CD with Backstage Interviews
Def Leppard - Songs From the Sparkle Lounge
Def Leppard - Mirror Ball - Live & More
Def Leppard - Viva! Hysteria ~ Live At the Joint, Las Vegas
Def Leppard - S/T
Def Leppard - ...and There Will Be a Next Time...Live From Detroit
Def Leppard - The Early Years 79-81
Def Leppard - Hits Vegas: Live at Planet Hollywood
Def Leppard - Hysteria at the O2
Def Leppard - Diamond Star Halos
Def Leppard - Drastic Symphonies
De-Ja-Vu - One Size Fits All
Della Street - Faces
Delta Rose - S/T
DeLuca, Tom - Down to the Wire
Demon Angels - Time of Confusion
De Mont - Body Language
De Mont - R.I.P.ped
Demure - S/T
Denaro - S/T
Denaro, Mark - Dakota
Den of Thieves - Honour Amongst Thieves
Den of Thieves - Conspiracy
Departure - S/T
Departure - Open Your Mind
Departure - Corporate Wheel
Departure - Hitch a Ride
Deraps - S/T
Deris, Andi - Come in From the Rain
Deris, Andi - Done By Mirrors
Des Barres, Michael - I'm Only Human
Des Barres, Michael - Someone Up There Likes Me
Des Barres, Michael - Carnaby Street
Des Barres, Michael - Hot N Sticky Live
Des Barres, Michael - The Key to the Universe
Desert Rain - Bang Bang
Desperado - Ace
Destrophy - Cry Havoc
Desyre - Warning of the Night
Desyre - Glamtron
Deuce - S/T
Deuce Deuce - Live Like Kings
Devane - S/T
Devil City Angels - S/T
Devil's Hand - S/T
Devils Run - ...in the Pale Moonlight
Devil's Train - S/T
Devil's Train - II
Devil's Train - Ashes & Bones
Devine, Mick - Hear Now
DeYoung, Dennis - Desert Moon
DeYoung, Dennis - Back to the World
DeYoung, Dennis - Boomchild
DeYoung, Dennis - 10 on Broadway
DeYoung, Dennis - The Ultimate Collection
DeYoung, Dennis - One Hundred Years From Now
DeYoung, Dennis - 26 East Vol 1
DeYoung, Dennis - 26 East Vol 2
Dezire - Think About It
Diamond Dogs - Live
Diary - To the Edge and Beyond
Dice - Fuel to the Fire
Dickinson, Bruce - Tattooed Millionaire
Dickinson, Bruce - Balls to Picasso
Dickinson, Bruce - Alive in Studio A
Dickinson, Bruce - Accident of Birth
Dickinson, Bruce - The Chemical Wedding
Dickinson, Bruce - Scream For Me Brazil
Dickinson, Bruce - The Best of Bruce Dickinson
Dickinson, Bruce - Tyranny of Souls
Dickinson, Bruce - The Mandrake Project
Diesel Opera, The - S/T
Dik Trickle - Bang
Dillinger - Horses & Hawgs
Dimage - It Takes Time
Dimino - Old Habits Die Hard
Dio - Holy Diver
Dio - Last in Line
Dio - Sacred Heart
Dio - Intermission
Dio - Dream Evil
Dio - Lock Up the Wolves
Dio - Strange Highways
Dio - Angry Machines
Dio - Anthology
Dio - Dio's Inferno ~ The Last in Live
Dio - Magica
Dio - The Very Beast of Dio
Dio - Anthology Volume Two
Dio - Killing the Dragon
Dio - Master of the Moon
Dio - Evil or Divine - Live in New York City
Dio - At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987
Dio - The Very Beast of Vol. 2
Dio - Live in London
Dio - Ronnie's Birthday Show
Dio, Ronnie James - The Elf Albums
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
Dirkschneider - Live ~ Back to The Roots
Dirkschneider - Live ~ Back to the Roots ~ Accepted!
Dirkschneider & The Old Gang - Arising
Dirkschneider, Udo - My Way
Dirty Blond - Cardboard
Dirty Blond (Different Band) - Greatest Hits
Dirty Deeds - Danger of Infection
Dirty Deeds - Real World
Dirty Honey - S/T
Dirty Honey - EP/ST
Dirty Honey - Can't Find the Brakes
Dirty Looks - Cool From the Wire
Dirty Looks - Turn of the Screw
Dirty Looks - Five Easy Pieces
Dirty Penny - Take It Sleazy
Dirty Penny - Young & Reckless
Dirty Rhythm - Hard As a Rock
Dirty Rhythm - Never Cleaned Up
Dirty Shirley - S/T
Dirty White Boy - Bad Reputation
Dirtyworks - S/T
Dismantle - More Rock and Roll
Distance - Under The One Sky
Distant Cry - S/T
Disturbance - We Come Out at Night
Disturbed - The Sickness
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists
Disturbed - Indestructible
Divine Right A.D. - So Far
Divine Static - S/T
Diving For Pearls - S/T
Diving For Pearls - Texas
Dizzy Lane - Cheap Thrills / It Ain't Easy
D.J. Burns Band, The - Wasn't That You?
DLR (David Lee Roth) Band - DLR Band
D'molls - S/T
D'molls - Warped
D'molls - Beyond D'Valley of D'molls
D'Molls - Double Platinum Live
Doctor Butcher - S/T
Doctor Butcher - The Demos
Doctor Rock & the Wild Bunch - Eye of the Hurricane
Doctor Rock & the Wild Bunch - Stark Raving Mad
Dogs D'amour, The - Original Album Series
Dokken, Don - Up From the Ashes
Dokken, Don - Solitary
Dokken - Back in the Streets
Dokken - Breaking the Chains
Dokken - Tooth & Nail
Dokken - Fighting Tooth & Nail (at the King Bisuit Flower Hour) (Live Bootleg)
Dokken - Under Lock & Key
Dokken - Back For the Attack
Dokken - Beast From the East
Dokken - The Best of Dokken
Dokken - S/T
Dokken - Dysfunctional Sampler
Dokken - Dysfunctional
Dokken - One Live Night
Dokken - Shadowlife
Dokken - Erase the Slate
Dokken - The Very Best of Dokken
Dokken - Live From the Sun
Dokken - Long Way From Home
Dokken - Then and Now
Dokken - Alone Again and Other Hits
Dokken - Japan Live '95
Dokken - Hell to Pay
Dokken - Change the World ~ An Introduction
Dokken - The Definitive Rock Collection
Dokken - From Conception Live 1981
Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again
Dokken - Greatest Hits
Dokken - Broken Bones
Dokken - Return to The East Live 2016
Dokken - Live...'95
Dokken - An Introduction to Dokken
Dokken - The Lost Songs: 1978-1981
Dokken - Heaven Comes Down
Doktor Maxx - Klowns of God
Doll's Diary - Hard & Loud
Donatello - Where Do We Go
Don Lewis Band, The - S/T
Don Lewis Band, The - Angels Cry
Doobie Brothers, The - Best of the Doobies
Doppler Effect, The - Ground Zero
Dorian Gray - Dangerous
Doro & Warlock - Rare Diamonds
Dorothy - RockIsDead
Dorothy - 28 Days In the Valley
Dorothy - Gifts From the Holy Ghost
Double Cross - Time After Time
Doubletake - So Many Roads
Doucette - Mama Let Him Play
Douglas - Mad
Doug Varty Band - Feel Free
Downtown Clowns, The - S/T
Doxa - Send Me
Drama Queen - S/T
Dr. Crusty - Blockacheese
Dream Child - Until Death Do We Meet Again
Dream Company - The Wildest Season
Dreamer - Full Metal Racket
Dreamhunter - Kingdom Come
Dreamhunter - Bad Attitude
Dreams - S/T
Dreams of Avalon - Beyond the Dream
Dream Theater - Official Bootleg ~ Master of Puppets
Dream Theater - Official Bootleg ~ The Number of the Beast
Dream Theater - Greatest Hit (...and 21 other pretty cool songs)
Dreddwood - No Exibition...'Til Show Time
Driver - Sons of Thunder
Drive She Said - Road to Paradise (Best of)
Drivin-N-Cryin - Fly Me Courageous
Dropkick Me Jesus - S/T
Drop Out - Heavy Nights
Drop Out - Alive
Dr. Grind - Speechless
Dries, Dennis Churchill - I
Dr. Sin - Shadows of Light
Dr. Sin - II
Dr. Sin - Listen to the Doctors
Dr. Zhivago - First Treatment
D.T. Boyz - Knockin' Up Ya Neighborhood
Dubrow, Kevin - In For the Kill
Duff McKagan's Loaded - Sick
Duff McKagan's Loaded - The Taking
Duran Duran - S/T
Duran Duran - Rio
Duran Duran - Seven & the Ragged Tiger
Duran Duran - Arena
Duran Duran - Notorious
Duran Duran - Big Thing
Duran Duran - Decade
Duran Duran - Liberty
Duran Duran - S/T (aka The Wedding Album)
Duran Duran - Ordinary World Maxi Single
Duran Duran - The Tour Sampler
Duran Duran - Thank You
Duran Duran - Medazzaland
Duran Duran - Pop Trash
Duran Duran - Astronaut
Duran Duran - Greatest
Duran Duran - Red Carpet Massacre
Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now
Duran Duran - Paper Gods
Duran Duran - Girls on Film 1979 Demo
Duran Duran - Future Past
Duran Duran - Danse Macabre
Durty Triix - Crackin' Skulls and Crushin' Bones
Dust Bowl Jokies - Cockaigne Vaudeville
Dust Bowl Jokies - S/T
Dust Coda, The - Mojo Skyline
Dvinity - Burn It All
Dvinity - You Decide
Dwarf, Russ - Wireless
Dynazty - Bring The Thunder
Dynazty - Knock You Down
Dynazty - Sultans of Sin
Dynazty - Renatus
Dynazty - Titanic Mass
Dynazty - Firesign
Dynazty - The Dark Delight
Dynazty - Final Advent

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